About The Band

Fronted by vocalist Max Schimm, Strange Daze brings accurate renditions of The Doors’ tunes, featuring all of the hits as well as some B-sides and Deep Cuts. With Cliff Zyskowski - keys, Jason Krist - guitar, Michael Gay - drums and John Arntz - bass, this tight band is able to bring back memories from that bygone era when Morrison stalked the stage


Max Schimm

Since entering the music scene in 2019, Sonoma native Max Schimm has collaborated with a number of established local acts, as well as working his musical chops as a solo singer/songwriter. Having a passion for all things rock n’ roll, Schimm draws on influences all the way from 60’s psychedelia to modern rock. Schimm fronts the band with a voice and aptitude for channeling Morrison. His mission is to fill the velvet shoes of the Lizard King himself, the late Jim Morrison, while the band produces faithful renditions of The Doors’ iconic music.

Band Member

Cliff Zyskowski

Cliff Zyskowski’s music career began in 6th grade with piano lessons from Sister Felice at St. Monica’s Parish Rec Hall on the Northwest side of Chicago. His first instrument was a cardboard keyboard as his parents couldn’t afford a real piano. He is mostly self-taught but honored to have studied under local jazz legend Walt Oster at SSU and audited the Jazz Ensemble Performance class from Bennett Freidman at SRJC. CliffyZman has played in a variety of bands in Sonoma County including Plan Be, Tudo Bem, Murphy’s Garage, Early Warning System the Big Luv band and currently he is the keyboardist for the Sonoma-based band Strange Daze. His name appears in a nearly hidden corner on the ceiling of the now defunct Mabuhay Gardens music venue in the SF. Also, listen to the audio CD accompanying the critically acclaimed children’s book, “The Jazz Fly”; where he’s “Sammy the Centipede” layin’ down some stride on the keys. Cliff has been teaching piano for the past 15 years and has recently joined the awesome team of instructors at Cannon School of Music, bringing a variety of musical styles and interests to his students.

Band Member

Michael Gay

Seasoned with a solid Motown upbringing and a British mum, Michael grew up with a host of great Detroit artists and powerful songwriting talents: Bob Seger, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin - the songs with true emotion and PHAT grooves! After a brief taste of college, Michael decided It was to time expand his talents and ventured West to Hollywood, landing at the soon to be world renowned, Musician’s Institute. The timing could not have been better: Studies at P.I.T. with members of LA’s “Wrecking Crew,” left an indelible mark. To this day, making people gyrate some part of their body is what Michael strives for! Michael also plays with the long-time bay area Beatles tribute band, Hey Jude, along with several other SF Bay Area bands. (The guy just LOVES to play) On the day-side, Michael does freelance video editing for ESPN and Bluefoot Entertainment.

Band Member

Jason Krist

Jason grew up on a ranch in Sonoma County. He received his first guitar when he was 13, and spent hours ducking ranch work by practicing out in the chicken shed. He formed his first band in middle school, playing Kiss covers at school parties. Moving to San Francisco in the 80s to become part of the burgeoning music scene, Jason was guitarist for Stone Juju, playing iconic nightclubs such as the I-Beam and the Chatterbox, and the Whiskey in LA. When playing music took a back-burner to making a viable living, he pursued his interest in cooking, becoming a chef in several SF restaurants. An interest in learning how to fix and re-assemble things led him to blacksmithing, and he moved back to Sonoma with the plan of pursuing that as a new career. Luckily, he had also become a good electrician, and his electrical contracting business was born, and continues to this day. When the massive Sonoma County Tubbs fire of 2017 destroyed his home and all of his belongings, he assuaged his sense of loss by purchasing new guitars, which re-invigorated his love for playing music. In addition to Strange Daze, he concurrently plays lead guitar with the bands Bear Punch and Mild Heroes. His wife Elizabeth owns the venerable Starling Bar in Sonoma, which features live music played by people other than Jason’s bands, though they are welcome, too.

Band Member

Davo Farrell

Davo Farrel is a founding member of Strange Daze and his background remains shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it that he has previously played many different instruments in various configurations since the 70's including roles as bassist in a SF reggae band, a B3 organist in various jazz/blues/funk projects and an adept finger-style acoustic guitarist working with open tunings on Celtic instrumentals and Indian ragas. Davo exploded onto the Sonoma music scene about a dozen years ago as a budding electric guitarist and has since been widely sought after by many bands due to his ability to play any musical genre with the uncanny ability to match notes and tones to original recordings. His knowledge of music theory is legendary, and his battle cry: "Any song, any key, any tempo, any time, any where!" is a true testament to his musical abilities. He has become an essential figure in many bands and is beloved throughout Sonoma Valley and beyond. At this point Davo has retired from performing publicly, and it is with utmost honor and respect that the band acknowledges his contributions to the Strange Daze project.

Band Member
Guitarist Emeritus

John Arntz

John Arntz has been a life-long musician and multi-instrumentalist (he spent some years teaching didjeridu...) and only started playing in bands in his 50’s. Over the past decade he has started and managed a number of Sonoma County bands, covering rock, blues, country and funk as well as hosting a monthly karaoke experience with a live band that takes on 20 vocalists for the evening. John is still working on his 10,000 hours as a bassist and is delighted to be playing the role of Ray Manzarek’s left hand in the Strange Daze band.

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